Two factors authentification

The principle of the double authentication is simple, instead of relying only on a data (One factor) the  connection is made by a 2nd factor.
Two factor authentification is used to validate the identity of a user who wishes to log into their account after the usual entry of their credentials. This can be done through Google's prompts which are push notifications on smartphones, the "Google Authenticator" app or the "Inwebo", a physical security key, a validation code from an SMS or a call ...

First authentification
Second authentification

In the first pictures we can see a simple authentification with an email.
But in the second authentification there is a Two Factors Authentification Code.
Those who wanted to connect herself have to use this code which are on their application.

Just above we can see an example of 2 factor authentication the first two slots are the simple login with a simple username and password but in the 3rd slot the user must enter a 6 digit code generated by the app. On this app the code changes every 15 seconds which makes the authentication to the account more secure.

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